Airlie Press

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Airlie Press is a nonprofit poetry collective based in and around Portland, Oregon. We seek manuscripts from Pacific Northwest poets who are willing and able to commit to a three-year term of doing the shared work of running a collective press. Most important editorial decisions are made by consensus.

Starting in 2017, Airlie Press will accept submissions from poets previously published by Airlie. In 2017, poets published before 2014 are encouraged to submit a manuscript during our summer submission period. All submissions will be judged anonymously alongside those from new poets. Returning poets must commit to a standard three-year agreement.

Starting in 2017, Airlie Press will relax its participation requirement of attending monthly meetings in Salem. With most of Airlieā€™s logistics streamlined, we hope to encourage submissions from poets who may find travel difficult but who are available to work on Airlie tasks and advance the press's goals, and when necessary, are capable of interacting via Skype in place of attending a given meeting.